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"No to Mohamed. No. to Mecca" at The Coca Cola Logo

CAIRO - The Coca Cola Company and its products a lot of criticism by various sources over a variety of reasons, including the negative effects of these products on health, the environment, the use of large amounts of pesticides in its products, exploitative labor practices and many reason. Not a few of the reasons that brought the company faced lawsuits and create controversy.

One more controversy there is the logo of Coca Cola products. Please read the logo in the mirror or reversed, in Arabic script, what do you get? The source of a campaign in Egypt accusing the largest soft drink at his offensive to Islam because of the famous logo is seen saying: "No to Mohamed. No. to Mecca" (No to Muhammad. Not to Mecca).

Local officials said that the Coca-Cola campaign originated from the Internet in January. In the last month, many leaflets distributed in mosques and schools, invites customers to boycott the soft drink was on the basis that the beverages are destroying their religion.

Maulana Kalbe Jawwad, a religious head Shias, said: "This is an insult to God. We will ask Muslims in this country and around the world to boycott such products until the company withdrew the offending words are.

Maulana said that he would ask all Muslim practitioners to spread the message tentangn logo "is very offensive."

Strengthening the establishment of Maulana, S.R. Azmi Nadvi, Arabic scholar and principal of the famous Nadwa College in Lucknow, said that the words were "contrary to our religion." "I have seen it (the logo) and I am sure that the logo is emncemarkan considered sacred," he added.

He said the matter will now be taken to the Muslim Personal Law Board and the Arab Muslim World League in Mecca.

For more than a few days, Coca-Cola logo has become the talk of the whole town. Bottles carefully examined like never seen the bottle before. But now Coca-Cola, which said that "the beverage is enjoyed by more than one billion Muslims", fight back. Troubled by the possibility of turning the resistance of the perceived insult, drinks are negotiating with one of the religious leaders of the most senior of Egypt, Sheikh Nasser Farid Wassel, who placed the 114-year-old logo before a panel of religious experts.

"Trademarks are not changed since the logo was designed until now," came the reply. "The logo is written in a foreign language and not in Arabic, and it is proved that the trademark does not injure Islam or Muslims directly or indirectly."

Sheikh Nasser urged those behind the rumor to "fear God" because "the text urges Muslims to spread rumors unfair ... without having a legal proof that they were right." He added that all responsibility for the campaign jeopardize jobs of thousands of Egyptians yan work at the local Coca-Cola company.

Coca-Cola has completed its sales staff with a copy of the ruling sheikhs to show attention to customers.

But the company's manager of external affairs, Mahmoud Hamdy, said that so far sales are not affected. Ahmed Abdul Aziz, a construction worker who drink Coca-Cola two or three bottles per day, holding a bottle in front of the mirror a motorcycle parked. "It is true that you can see it," he said. "But I would not give it now. I have been drinking it for years without any problems." Two years ago, a similar campaign directed against Fanta, accusing him of saying "No to God" (not to God). The protest ended after a few weeks.

Rumors Coca-Cola campaign coincides with a much more serious effect on a novel by the author of Syria, Haidar Haidar, called the Feast dor Seaweed, in which one character describes God as a "failed artist".

Although the book was first published in 1983, an Islamic newspaper launch proactive attacks last month, accusing the novel is an affront to God and described the book as an insult to Muslims worse than the Arab defeat by Israel in 1967, a disgrace that can only be removed "by blood".

The paper also gives the names and addresses of the officials of the Ministry of Culture of Egypt, which reprinted the book, from what many see as an incitement to murder. On May 8, the religious students rioted against the book in the worst protests for years.

Coca Cola is also one of the Jewish-owned product some time ago also got about global boycott Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip that killed thousands of people.


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